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Subjects: Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic
Ways to Encourage Reluctant Writers, Sue Smith-Heavenrich (J/F 98) Beyond storytelling, writing is a valuable skill - for taking notes, organizing thoughts, communicating ideas. So how do we get our reluctant writers to write?
Developing a Writer's Toolkit, Cafi Cohen (N/D 97) Most significantly, successful authors describe writing as a process, not a product. Each writer says that his process, developed over a long period of time, is idiosyncratic; that is, his approach, often established through trial and error, is peculiar to him.
Learning to Read, Christine Lozano (S/O 97) The joys of my life are the quiet evenings when I look around and realize every one of us is reading a book.
Mid-School/High School Math, Cafi Cohen (J/F 97) I am recommending an approach that integrates textbook math with topics like hands-on math and recreational math and puts them on an equal footing. Some regard this as radical thinking. Why should you consider it? Here are five reasons.
Learning to Love Math, Alison Moore Smith (S/O 95) If you jump into math with enthusiasm, your children can come out winners.
MATH... And Other Tales of Horror, Leslie Wilson (S/O 95) The very word strikes terror into the hearts of many. If you are now wondering why you ever started homeschooling, don't despair. There are many life-saving approaches to this most feared topic.
Spontaneous Science, Sue Smith Heavenrich (M/J 95) The myths about science is that it takes lots of equipment and requires special knowledge to teach. Then there are those field trips that you have to prepare for...
Supplements are the Key, Lois Szymanski (M/J 95) The key to home education is in the supplements we choose. I realize the incredible impact books can make, but supplements can be so much more than just books!
Science Outside a Lab, Sue Smith Heavenrich (J/F 95) What you need is lots of curiosity, a good library, and some lab equipment that will serve you well for four years or more.

Testing, Assessing and Evaluating Children's Lives
Articles from the Testing Booklet Watch for an updated and reformatted version of this popular booklet.
What Testing Was Like, Danetta Mecikkalski (M/J 96) My husband saw some of the emotional benefits of home education, and he knew that the boys were having fun, but for him the bottom line is education. Would they have more opportunities in the future if they attended school? Were we keeping up to grade level?
Lessons I've Learned from Standardized Tests, Sally Hunt (M/J 96) I have learned a lot from this testing game--things the educational authorities that sanction such tests probably never intended.
Portfolio Assessment, Ana McDonald (J/F 96) As committed as I am to home education, I'm fully aware that my children may someday want or need to enter the mass educational system. They shouldn't be placed in remedial classes simply for lack of documentation of what they already know.
Goals 2000, Vouchers, and Charter Schools, Kasemans (HEM - J/F 95) The recently enacted Goals 2000: Educate America Act is pressuring states to change their requirements for state-mandated tests and assessments.

Correspondence Schools
Homeschooling Correspondence Schools, Karen Mende-Fridkis (M/J 95) Oak Meadow's emphasis on a chid's imaginative spirit appealed to me. OakMeadow also appealed to me as the educator.

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