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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling This file addresses questions like: Is homeschooling legal?, Is homeschooling expensive?, How do I know if my children are learning?, Should I test my child?, What about higher education? Plus many more....

Articles, essays, etc.
Interview with Sandra Dodd, by Emily Subler (HEM - J/F 98) Sandra Dodd's vocal presence is a bright spot of lucidity. Her mind is a virtual box of magic, her innovative ideas for learning are just plain fun, and her passionate belief in unschooling articulates a philosophy of life.
My Kids Won't Let Me Teach, by Ann Leadbetter (HEM - N/D 97) Most of the time my kids won't tolerate lengthy explanations even on subjects about which they're already curious.
Valedictorian Who Failed Socialization, Neysa Jensen (HEM - M/A 98) Looking back, I see that I experienced a lot of stress stemming from my need to be alone and everyone else's need to not let me.
Interview with Linda Dobson, by Helen Hegener (HEM - S/O 97) Our hope in homeschooling our children had much more to do with "who" the children would become rather than "what" they would become.
Dealing with Doubts, by Cafi Cohen (HEM - S/O 97) Why do we need assurance so badly? Think of all the brainwashing we have to overcome, and it is not a difficult question to answer.
Homeschooling Fathers, by Gary Wyatt (HEM - J/F 97) Children need more of their fathers and fathers need more of their children.
Leaving Public Education, by Ellen C. Bicheler (HEM - J/F 97) I think the key to a successful transition into homeschooling from other systems is to take it slowly and be patient with yourself and your family. Make sure you have a support system for yourself - people that can bring you back to your homeschooling ideas.
Becoming Unschoolers, by Janet Keip (HEM - J/F 97) Becoming unschoolers has not been an easy transition for us. Yet, like most difficult journeys, it has been worth the effort.
Less is More, by Cafi Cohen (HEM - J/A 97) How is it that Less Is More? Could refusing to spend $500 to $1,000 on new instructional materials not only save you money but also result in a better homeschooling experience for your family? The short answer is "Yes."
Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom, by Carol Wanagel (HEM - J/F 95) Thirteen years ago when my kids first talked me into trying this homeschooling thing, I was like everyone else who thinks about trying it -- scared.
Super Mom and the Bratty Kids, Debra Newby (HEM - J/F 95) The result of my trying to be Super Mom is that my kids become... drum roll please.. Super Brats!

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