The Teenage Years and Beyond

High School Years, Life Decisions, College
High School Homeschooling
Mid-School/High School Math, by Cafi Cohen (J/F 97) I am recommending an approach that integrates textbook math with topics like hands-on math and recreational math and puts them on an equal footing.
Putting Together an Eclectic Curriculum, by Cafi Cohen (S/O 96) For us, trial and error worked better than copying anybody else or adopting a full-service curriculum or a specific educational philosophy.
The Challenge of Older Children, by Eileen Yoder (M/J 96) As our kids grow older and begin looking out from the family center, where often they have been comfortable with family activity and a small number of friends, we find ourselves dealing with the new challenges they present.
Self-Directed Learning, by Cafi Cohen (M/J 96) Initially, both kids, conditioned by years of school, had waited for me to set the pace, to make decisions, and, in effect, to entertain them. How did we get from that inauspicious beginning to my description above
Raft Trip, by Cristie Boone (M/A 96) Even as my mind said I couldn't work any harder, I shoved my paddle farther and farther into the water with each stroke until I thought my arms were going to fall off.
Unschool Travel, by Josanna Crawford (M/A 96) Letting go of textbooks, bells and motivation from without was the first phase of my homeschooling. Adolescence and the Homeschooler, by Alison McKee (J/F 96) Georgina was quick to let me know that what I had to offer in the way of assurance was unconvincing, "Yea, but that stuff doesn't really count. I need to know things like the states and their capitals, P.E., gym, all that stuff." College Admissions
From Fly-Fishing to College, by Alison McKee (M/A 98) Christian, our son, got yet another note from Kalamazoo College. This one asked for "written certification" of his high school graduation. The note alarmed Christian and I must admit that I too felt panic set in.
From Home to Higher Education, by Sunshine Campbell (M/A 98) The first things my roommate asked me was, "Do you really think you are prepared for college?
The Changing Face of College Admissions, by Cafi Cohen (J/F 98) In view of the increase in homeschooled applicants, some colleges and universities have responded with admissions guidelines and application evaluation procedures that apply only to homeschoolers.
The Door is Open, by Earl Gary Stevens (J/A 97) As children grow into their teens, some families worry that continuing with home education might be closing the door to college. I can't stress enough that college courses do not require a high school background or any special training in academics.
Starting College, by Earl Gary Stevens (M/A 95) One thing is certain. Jamie knows that he is perfectly capable of earning a college degree if he wants one, and he sees that there is no need to train for it in a high school. Working and Other Lifelong Options
Helping Your Child with Career Planning, by Susan Johnston (M/A 97) The future is going to offer great opportunity to those who are ready to step up to the challenges. With the right preparation and your support, your children will be ready.
Transition to the World of Work, by Cafi Cohen (N/D 96) As homeschooling parents, we hope our kids will progress naturally from homeschooling into the world of work. We envision our children developing consuming passions and eventually using their talents to make a living.