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Support Groups and Organizations
1996 NHA Roundtable - by Christine Webb (HEM - J/F 97)
We came to this camp outside Becket, Massachusetts to participate in the National Homeschooling Roundtable Conference. Titled "Freedom In Education," it was a gathering designed for us to discuss and to consider the future of homeschooling.

Our Non-Directed Support Organization - by Earl Gary Stevens (HEM - M/J 95)
While it is true that a network is not a community, within our network we are a community of people at various levels of commitment and caring and willingness to give.

When Diversity Isn't - by Shari Henry (HEM - M/A 95)
Simple consideration and kindness could go a long way. Let's think a little more and react a little less. Let's grow up.

Online Communications
This Internet Thing - by Earl Gary Stevens (HEM - S/O 97)
The Internet may be awash with the superficial and the trivial, and it may have its bad neighborhoods, but it is the only place I know where minds can interact freely and instantaneously with each other across great distances in an environment that is blind to age, sex, color, economic and social class, and national identity.

Support Group Listing
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