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___hem1010___This file contains an overview of available email services.
___hem900____This file contains a complete list of services and resources.
(Included is information on HEM's Free Online Newsletter)

Reasons to Homeschool/Starting Out
___hem2010___Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom, Carol Wanagel (J/F 95)
___hem2020___Leaving Public Education, Ellen C. Bicheler (J/F 97)
___hem2030___My Kids Won't Let Me Teach, Ann Leadbetter (N/D 97)

___hem3010___Interview with Sandra Dodd, Emily Subler (J/F 98)
___hem3020___Becoming Unschoolers, Janet Keip (J/F 97)

Finding Resources
___hem4010___Learning to Fish, Cafi Cohen (M/J 98)
___hem4020___Supplements are the Key, Lois Szymanski (M/J 95)
___hem4030___Correspondence Schools, Karen Mende-Fridkis (M/J 95)
___hem4040___This Internet Thing, Earl Gary Stevens (S/O 97)
___hem4050___Government Homeschool Programs, Chris Cardiff (N/D 96)

Teaching and Learning
___hem5010___Learning to Read, Christine Lozano (S/O 97)
___hem5020___Encourage Reluctant Writers, Sue Smith-Heavenrich (J/F 98)
___hem5030___Spontaneous Science, Sue Smith Heavenrich (M/J 95)
___hem5040___Learning to Love Math, Alison Moore Smith (S/O 95)

Fathers and Homeschooling
___hem6010___Homeschooling Fathers, Gary Wyatt (J/F 97)
___hem6020___When Dad Homeschools, Jim Dunn (M/J 98)
___hem6030___Notes from a Homeschooling Dad, Jeff Kelety (J/F 98)

High School, College and Working
___hem7010___College Admissions: The Door is Open, Earl Gary Stevens (J/A 97)
___hem7020___From Fly-Fishing to College, Alison McKee (M/A 98)
___hem7040___Transition to the World of Work, Cafi Cohen (N/D 96)