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American Homeschool Association

A free services organization which works primarily online to provide information, and support for homeschooling families, education officials, the media and others interested in homeschooling.

Ann Zeise's A to Z Homeschooling

Friendly encouragement and helpful assistance from a dedicated homeschooling mom.

Learn in Freedom

Carl M. Bunday's site, famous for his long list of colleges that accept homeschoolers, offers many reasons for homeschooling.

HEM's Homeschooling Information and Resource Pages

An outstanding website offering many free services to homeschoolers, including: Aarticles from over 17 years of Home Education Magazine, Networking with Other Homeschoolers, Questions and Answers, Resources and Reviews


NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network, PO Box 39, Porthill, ID 83853; 208-67-6246; NATHANEWS@AOL.COM
Christian support group for families homeschooling children with special needs.

National Home Education Network

The largest and most active national organization for homeschooling families, offering an ever-growing collection of services and resources. Free membership, monthly online newsletter, quarterly printed journal, message boards, an email discussion list, media outreach and public relations programs, extensive resources and much more.

A full-service website designed specifically for unschoolers, offering wide-ranging message boards, a library of articles and essays on unschooling from HEM and GWS, a free monthly online newsletter, an email discussion list, extensive unschooling resources and much more.

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