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For over 28 years every issue of HEM has been full of help, guidance, validation, and support.

We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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Home Education Magazine anka The HEM Network consistently publishes the best articles, interviews, columns, resource reviews, political commentary and much more, and our content is often linked to from other news, educational, and homeschooling websites.

We select a sampling of articles and columns from each issue and keep them available free in these archives; you can quickly find specific topics with the search feature to the left:

All material is copy righted and not for distribution in any form without prior written consent from Home Education Magazine and The HEM Network.

2010 Issues
Jan-Feb 2010 Issue
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Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
HEM HEM 2009 Issues
Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
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2008 Issues
Jan-Feb 2008 Issue
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May-Jun 2008 Issue
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HEM HEM 2007 Issues
Jan-Feb 2007 Issue
Mar-Apr 2007 Issue
May-Jun 2007 Issue
Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
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Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
2006 Issues
Jan-Feb 2006 Issue
Mar-Apr 2006 Issue
May-Jun 2006 Issue
Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
Sep-Oct 2006 Issue
Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
HEM HEM 2005 Issues
Jan-Feb 2005 Issue
Mar-Apr 2005 Issue
May-Jun 2005 Issue
Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
Sep-Oct 2005 Issue
Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
2004 Issues
Jan-Feb 2004 Issue
Mar-Apr 2004 Issue
May-Jun 2004 Issue
Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
Sep-Oct 2004 Issue
Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
HEM HEM 2003 Issues
Jan-Feb 2003 Issue
Mar-Apr 2003 Issue
May-Jun 2003 Issue
Jul-Aug 2003 Issue
Sep-Oct 2003 Issue
Nov-Dec 2003 Issue
2002 Issues
Jan-Feb 2002 Issue
Mar-Apr 2002 Issue
May-Jun 2002 Issue
Jul-Aug 2002 Issue
Sep-Oct 2002 Issue
Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
HEM HEM 2001 Issues
Jan-Feb 2001 Issue
Mar-Apr 2001 Issue
May-Jun 2001 Issue
Jul-Aug 2001 Issue
Sep-Oct 2001 Issue
Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
2000 Issues
Jan-Feb 2000 Issue
Mar-Apr 2000 Issue
May-Jun 2000 Issue
Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
Sep-Oct 2000 Issue
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HEM HEM 1999 Issues
Jan-Feb 1999 Issue
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May-Jun 1999 Issue
Jul-Aug 1999 Issue
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Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
1998 Issues
Jan-Feb 1998 Issue
Mar-Apr 1998 Issue
May-Jun 1998 Issue
Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
Sep-Oct 1998 Issue
Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
HEM HEM 1997 Issues
Jan-Feb 1997 Issue
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Mar-Apr 1997 Issue
May-Jun 1997 Issue
Jul-Aug 1997 Issue
Sep-Oct 1997 Issue
Nov-Dec 1997 Issue
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