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We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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Table of Contents HEM November-December 1989

Editorial - by Mark and Helen Hegener
A report on the second annual gathering of the National Homeschool Association in Missouri.

In Our Experience - by Penny Barker
Penny Barker shares her thoughts on spelling properly; thoughtful letters from homeschoolers around the country.

Home School In the Fifties - by Brenda Knight Graham
Remembering what it was like to learn outside the public school system in the 1950's.

Encouraging Creativity6
by Paula Hildreth
Paula describes her journey as a homeschooling mother, trying to instill a love of creativity in her children: "Finally I saw the irony in my desire to have creative children when I myself had been busily shoving my own creativity into the trashcan for years. How confused my children must have felt!"

Drum Beat - by S Portia Steele
A mother's loving tribute to her son: "His blue eyes, the color of thunder, stop my speech. I smile back. I want to scoop him up and dance around the room with him, never letting go."

Selective Use of Workbooks - by Agnes Leistico
Agnes Leistico, author of "I Learn Better by Teaching Myself," describes how her children found workbooks valuable for some applications. Includes a resource sidebar of workbooks sources.

Acting on Wisdom - by Debbie Westheimer
Schedules and routines and planning: how they can help ease the pressures and expectations of homeschooling.

Like a Good Bunny - by Salima Krambo
Philisophical ponderings about the lies we tell children: "When Easter rolled around this year and the kids got their annual reminder, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to let them dye eggs. After all, the Bunny isn't religious -- he's usually chocolate."

Sing a Simple Song - by Don Hardy
Music in the homeschooling curriculum: thoughts on varying approaches, resources for further information: "Starting a child on the road to musical success can be simple. After all, Children naturally sing and dance. We use that and expand on it."

Computer Bulletin Boards - by Susan Dugan
An introduction to using computer bulletin boards, circa 1989: "One doesn't have to be an electrical engineer to use a computer to create a data base for storing grades, prepare a professional-looking paper, design a graphics art lesson, or transmit information thousands of miles."

Perspectives - by Jane Williams
Children's rights, and how we as homeschooling parents can - and should - help our children develop reasoning and creative minds.

Higher Education - by Judy Gelner
How test scorces can help homeschoolers gain admission to the college of their choice.

The Micro-Chip Teacher - by Mikell Billoki
Reviewing math software: The Kings Rule and Blockers and Finders

Talk About Learning - by Earl Gary Stevens
Clarifying and reevaluating homeschooling goals: "When we see that our home education plans are not working out especially well, there are a number of ways we can react." "I eventually discovered that it is possible to spend the first several years of 'official' homeschooling doing little more than nurturing and playing and suffer no ill effects."

Reflections - by Kathleen Creech
Kathleen's conversation with a friend about giving children what's really important to them at Christmas, and any time.


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