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For over 28 years every issue of HEM has been full of help, guidance, validation, and support.

We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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HEM May-June 2008
HEM Information

Learning hands on

Inukshuk along Yukon River

Learning independence in the kitchen

HEM May-June 2008
May-June 2008


Table of Contents HEM May-June 2008

In the May-June 2008 issue Home Education Magazine offers articles focusing on play and playing with real life. You will be able to find suggestions for getting your kids fun, 'hands-on' learning from making an inexpensive kite, to finding independence in the kitchen as well as a hands-on way to ease your own stress by knitting while you teach. Lisa Kang's Fun Ways to Help Kinesthetic Learners, offers suggestions for that child that is all about hands-on learning.

In her column, Hands-On Learning, Kathy Ceceri looks at Geography and Arctic Life as Becky Rupp offers resources for irresistible hands-on science fun. Christine Gable cooks up quick salsa while Carol Narigon finds ways to inspire joy of learning and critical thinking. Laura Weldon shares readers suggestions for dealing with in-laws and making history relevant as Linda Dobson explores how history is repeating itself for yet another generation of school kids. The Kasemans look at the dangers of a Parental Rights Amendment, Jeanne Faulconer reviews two new homeschooling titles, Tamara Orr considers the technology gap between parents and kids, and David has a New Exercise Regimen - My Word!

You are bound to find something in this issue worth reading. Enjoy!


Interviews - by Mary Nix - page 37
Interview with Nancy Sathre-Vogel Š Family on Bikes
On June 18, 2006 John Vogel, Nancy Sathre-Vogel and their 8-year old twins, Daryl and Davy, left their home in Boise, Idaho and embarked on a year long adventure to explore North America.

Family Photos - - page 40


Social Studies - by Beth Browne - page 27
Beth Browne discovers that even homeschoolers with diverse beliefs can become friends by honoring and respecting each otherÕs differences.

Fun Ways to Help Kinesthetic Learners - by Lisa Kang - page 28
Lisa Kang finds a way to use her sonÕs innate physical energy to help him learn

Make a Kite for About 87 Cents - by Larry Zickmund - page 30
Larry Zickmund shares his method for making an inexpensive kite.

Cooking Up Independence - by Kathryn McKendry - page 32
Kathryn McKendry helps her daughter learn independence through cooking.

Real Play - by Sarah Fields - page 33
As they get older, many of our kidsÕ best "toys" are not toys at all.

Homeschooling with Sudden Vision Loss - by Margaret Mary Myers - page 35
Margaret Mary Myers describes how her family adjusted to her sonÕs sudden loss of vision and still continued to homeschool.

Knitting for Your Sanity - by Karen Vogel - page 36
Karen Vogel finds knitting (and humor) can teach a homeschool mom a lot about patience.


HEM Notebook - - page 3

Letters and Discussions - - page 8


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon - page 16
YouÕre Opening the Boxes
Opening up learning as a world of connections may be just as challenging as bringing school home, but itÕs the only way to inspire joy of learning and critical thinking.

Questions & Answers - by Laura Weldon - page 18
Discover how to make history more than stories about dead people, and how to be gently firm when mother-in-law thinks she knows best.

Learning 101 - by Tamra Orr - page 22
Tami Talks Techno-Phobia
While our parents fall behind in technology so, too, do we parents fall behind our children.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman - page 24
Can a Constitutional Amendment Protect Parental Rights?
The Kaseman's discuss a parental rights amendment to the US Constitution which would weaken our rights rather than protecting them.

Book Reviews - by Jeanne Faulconer - page 42
The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling; Rachel Gathercole Asking Questions, Finding Answers: A ParentÕs Journey through Homeschooling; Tamra Orr
Explore unschooling essays with interesting sub-themes and learn about a new DVD featuring unschoolers with a variety of interests.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp - page 44
Save the Whales
Even if youÕre not looking for them at the moment, these resource collections for whales, African crafts, and very inexpensive, hands-on science fun are irresistible.

My Word! - by David H. Albert - page 48
My New Exercise Regimen
Up close and personal, troubles with the medical system mirror those of the educational system.

Hands-On Learning - by Kathy Ceceri - page 50
Geography and Arctic Life
ThereÕs much to learn about and from one of the worldÕs coldest places.

The Homeschool Kitchen - by Christine Gable - page 52
Homemade Salsa in 15 Minutes or Less
While some like it hot, homemade salsa can please everyoneÕs taste buds.

Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson - page 58
We Never Forget
Fifty year-old school horror stories might be easier to swallow if the status quo had changed; but it hasnÕt
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