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For over 28 years every issue of HEM has been full of help, guidance, validation, and support.

We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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HEM July-August 2007
July-August 2007

HEM Information

Tea, Cookies and Story Books
Tea, Cookies and
Story Books pg. 29

Keeping It Clean
Keeping It
Clean pg. 36

Boomerangs! pg. 54

HEM July-August 2007


Table of Contents HEM July-August 2007

In our July/August 2007 issue, Jan Hunt, the director of The Natural Child Project, explains her concerns about labelling children: "When parents call to say their child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, I ask "What lab results were you shown?" There weren't any, because there is no scientific test - just a short, subjective questionnaire, with such vague behavioral descriptions that virtually any child could receive this label. Yet psychiatrists confidently conclude from this deceptive questionnaire that a child has a serious "disorder," and needs dangerous medication..."

Jan also describes her work with unschooling, attachment parenting, and how her son started the Global Children's Art Gallery, the largest collection of children's art on the Internet, with over 1000 images from 67 countries!

Feature articles in the July/August issue include the self-descriptive "Tea, Cookies and Story Books," "Full-Time Work, Full-Time Homeschooling," "Raising a Writer," and several more - see below for the enture table of contents.

Columns in the July/August issue: Carol Narigon describes what homeschooling supplies are really helpful and necessary and which aren't, while Rebecca Rupp, David Albert, Linda Dobson, Kathy Ceceri and our other regular writers have filled this issue with great reading!

Follow the links below to read selections from this issue or purchase your own copy and read everything! To order a subscription contact Home Education Magazine, PO Box 1083, Tonasket WA 98855; 800-236-3278; email. Or use our secure online form. MC/Visa/Disc cards accepted.


Interviews - by Mary Nix - page 38
An Interview with Jan Hunt
An interview with Jan Hunt, founder and director of The Natural Child Project, which holds a vision of "a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion.


Tea, Cookies and Story Books - by Janine Calsbeek - page 29
Janine Calsbeek tells about an extraordinary literary tea club for moms and their daughters.

Raising a Writer - by Renee Kirchner - page 30
Renee Kirchner shares ideas for encouraging your young writer.

Don't Quake--Conjugate! Teaching a Foreign Language - by Danielle L Schultz - page 31
Danielle Schultz takes the fear out of learning a foreign language.

Our A-Z Year - by Nicole Maki - page 32
Join Nicole Maki and her family on an alphabetical adventure through the year.

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us - by April Duritza - page 34
April Duritza defines some archetypical homeschool families.

Full-Time Work - Full-Time Homeschooling - by Kate Frishman - page 36
When Kate Frishman's husband lost his job, her family made adjustments and sacrifices to continue homeschooling even after she went to work full time.

Keep It Clean - by R Williams - page 37
R. Williams shares her tips for keeping your sanity in the housecleaning wars.


Letters and Discussions - - page 10

HEM Notebook - - page 3


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon - page 18
Homeschool Resources Overload!
When a new homeschooler calculates what she could spend on homeschooling supplies, Carol shows her a frugal approach that has stood the test of time.

Questions & Answers - by Laura Weldon - page 20
Music's Educational Benefits and Asperger Syndrome
Readers inquire about investing in musical instruments for a young homeschooler, and whether homeschooling can help children diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Learning 101 - by Tamra B Orr - page 24
To Read .. Perchance to Learn
Reading is a good - but not the only - way to learn.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman - page 26
Strengthening Families Through Homeschooling
This column will review the importance of family and some of the challenges it faces, consider why and how homeschooling strengthens families, and explore ways we can take even greater advantage of the opportunities homeschooling offers.

News & Commentary - by Valerie Bonham Moon - page 41
College, Naysayers, Trends, High-profile Names
Topics covered by Valerie this issue: Acceptability of homeschoolers at colleges and universities, naysayers, trends in homeschooling, high-profile names supporting homeschooling, an update on Melissa Busekros in Germany, American Army homeschoolers in Germany, mainstream interest in homeschooling, and condolences to the family of a former homeschooler who was a victim in the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp - page 42
BIG NUMBERS: Or, the Glories of Googols
Capitalize on your child's fascination with those mind-boggling numbers. Then discover, among others, resources to round out your Little House on the Prairie studies and great books for teens.

My Word! - by David H Albert - page 50
Bontshe Shvayg
A Yiddish tale reveals why you need to keep your own and your children's aspirations alive.

Hands-On Learning - by Kathy Ceceri - page 52
The Sport Of Boomerang Throwing
Kathy Ceceri explains why boomerangs fly, shares a story about Aborigine tradition, tells the record for keeping a boomerang in the air before catching it, and shows how to help your kids create their own beautiful and far-flying boomerangs - which will really return

The Homeschool Kitchen - by Christine Gable - page 54
Eatin' Those Vegetables: Yuk or Yum?
Try these tasty recipes that can help make vegetables palatable for those who don't naturally take to them.

Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson - page 58
Preparing for Homeschool Advocacy Season
Back-to-school time is the best time for homeschool advocacy, and it's easy if you get prepared now.
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