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For over 28 years every issue of HEM has been full of help, guidance, validation, and support.

We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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HEM July-August/04

Table of Contents HEM July-August 2004


Traveling Around the World One Postcard at a Time - by Dawn Adams
Dawn Adam shares her family's trip around the world through a postcard exchange.

Summertime and Geography's Easy - by Dianne Wilton
Dianne Wilton shares fun activities for painlessly learning geography over the summer.

Grown Without Schooling - by Marsha J. Ransom
Peter Kowalke's documentary film, Grown Without Schooling, presents an overview of the lives of several grown homeschoolers. Marsha Ransom interviews Peter and shares snippets of the film with HEM readers.

Sold on Charlotte Mason - by Penny Gardner
As Penny Gardner explains, educator Charlotte Mason's ideas can be useful for all homeschoolers, including unschoolers and those who use more conventional methods.

My Lesson in Semantics - by Melanie Lien Palm
What is the difference between judgment and discernment? Melanie Lien Palm says it's learning to ski in the open spaces.

Writing Group Strategies - by Karen Kirkwood
For several years Karen Kirkwood taught a writing class for unschoolers that enriched all of their lives.


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon
Making the Grade
Parents seek reassurance regarding grade-level learning, and advice for wrangling the kid-quizzers and nay-sayers of the family.

Questions & Answers - by Laura Weldon
Starting a Support Group, and Supporting a Prodigy
Readers share their experiences with starting a homeschooling support group, and offer perspectives on living with a particularly gifted child.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
Why Legislation to Prevent "Unqualified" Families From Homeschooling Won't Work
Recent media reports of alleged child abuse by families claiming to be homeschooling have reopened the question of whether stricter regulation of homeschooling is needed to prevent "unqualified" families from homeschooling.

Publisher's Notes - by Helen Hegener
The Other Side of Homeschooling
What we learned by homeschooling our children - patience, acceptance, how to learn what we needed to know - is being brought into play as we face the challenges of our aging parents.

News & Commentary - by Ann Lahrson Fisher
Baby Whips, K12, Connecting the Dots
Ann reviews highlights from her weekly news updates.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
Water Water Everywhere
Becky runs through resources that help us look at water from its properties to its uses.

Homeschooling Books - by Elizabeth McCullough
The Homeschool Reader, Taking Charge
Elizabeth looks at two classic books.

My Word! - by David H. Albert
The Frontier Spirit of the Heart
Although he can't bring himself to actually read the books, this writer certainly appreciates the author's success... however it is defined.

Unschooling - by Sandra Dodd
Sandra explores the idea that toddlers' play would naturally progress to other levels of learning.

Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson
A Letter to Young Parents
A heart-felt missive to Young Parents considering the adventure of homeschooling


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