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HEM September-October/02

Table of Contents HEM September-October 2002


Homeschooling Vibrato - by Benjamin Kniaz
Ben Kniaz muses on the essential fragility in music, family life, and homeschooling, and finds the best moments in the most fragile.

Interview with Daniel Pink - by Amy Hollingsworth
Amy Hollingsworth interviews Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, who describes the similarities between free agency in the work world and education, and the emerging necessity for both.

Homeschoolers Hold a Barn Raising (Sort Of) - by John Peters
With the right kind of guidance and a lot of willing learners, a barn-building project is just the right match.

Getting the School out of Homeschool - by Liza Sabater
Liza Sabater writes about what happens when resistance, regrouping, and research help pave the way to homeschooling.

Unschooling Is My Job - by Ruthe Matilsky
When we tell people that unschooling is "just life, shared with our children," are we really doing ourselves an injustice? Isn't there a lot more work involved than that?


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon
Giving Service
There are plenty of ways for kids to discover the joys of service within your community.

Questions and Answers - by Laura Weldon
Connecting with Other Homeschoolers, and Homeschooling at the Movies
Ideas from our readers on networking with other local homeschoolers, and lists of favorite movies that stepped beyond entertainment.

Taking Charge - by Larry and Susan Kaseman
Why Independence Is Essential To Homeschooling
The Kasemans examine the strengths of homeschooling, emphasizing those that exist because homeschools are independent of public schools, and discuss contributions homeschooling makes to our society.

Publishers' Notes - by Helen Hegener
'Expert' Advice
Helen shares advice from well known book authors that challenges the convetional sense of experts.

It's Only Natural - by Barbara Theisen
The Colors of Autumn
A potpourri of activities and ideas to celebrate the turning of the leaves and the changing of the seasons

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
The Age of Dinosaurs
A look at the wide range of dinosaur-related educational materials

Homeschooling Books - by Elizabeth McCullough
Creative Homeschooling for Gifted Children: A Resource Guide
A collection of information examining the blessings ... and the challenges ... of gifted children

My Word! - by David H. Albert
The Oxford Secret
The benefits of a "distinctly haphazard" education at one of the best-known universities in the world.

On the Web - by Ann Zeise
Developing your Online Persona
A look at why people create several online characters instead of logging in under a single name

Unschooling - by Sandra Dodd
Deschooling for Parents
Sandra explores ways parents can look at their kids and learning with a fresh new outlook rather than the tired perspectives we bring to homeschooling from the conventional school model.

Grown Homeschoolers - by Peter Kowalke
Childhood Math Adds Up for Grown Homeschoolers
Grown homeschoolers discuss their relationship with math then and now

The Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson
Turn 'em on, Tune 'em in, Drop 'em out
Linda Dobson's personal contribution to the "drop out of school" message parents are hearing these days.

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