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We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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HEM January-February/02

Table of Contents HEM January-February 2002


Grapes in the Freezer, Homeschooling at Our House - by Lisa Hawkins
The day six grapes lined the bottom shelf in the freezer wasn't an unusual day at Lisa Hawkins' house. It was a day like every other day: filled with wonder and learning.

Our Epiphany - by Elizabeth Davis
Liz Davis remembers that clarion moment when her family's perception of what homeschooling was all about - and of who they were - changed forever.

Chocolate Chips and Blue M&Ms - by Sandra J Campbell
It's just possible that this account from Sandra Campbell provides the real story behind how we got blue M&Ms.

Terrorism? Disaster? How Can I Explain This to My Children? - by Ann Marie Johnson
Ann Marie Johnson normally shielded her young children from the worst of the nightly news. But when they found themselves in the midst of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on September 11, she didn't have that option.

A Homeschool Resource Center in a Public Library - by Kathy Wentz
Kathy Wentz had a dream. Could a hometown library also house a true resource center for homeschoolers, with telescopes and math manipulatives and other hard-to-find materials? And then, one day, her dream began to be possible.

Confessions of an Unsuccessful Homeschooler - by Lisa Donnelly
Lisa Donnelly candidly admits that her family isn't successful like those homeschool families you read about in the news. But then she takes stock. What exactly is it that makes for success?

Our Ultimate Field Trip - by Julianna Mazel
A family friend invites the eight members of the Mazel family on a backpacking trip across China. With only one child still in diapers, how can they say no?

Sub-VERSE-ive Poetry - by Fiona Bayrock
Fiona Bayrock recounts the amazing way a poster-size piece of notebook paper awakened her family to a fascination with poetry, and she promises she didn't mean to do it. Honest.


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon
Creative ways to fend off burnout.

Questions and Answers - by Laura Weldon
Handwriting and Record Keeping
Readers answer questions about handwriting and record keeping.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
The Kingdom That Never Was: Inaccuracies in a Sociological Study of Homeschooling
The Kaseman's look at a recent ly published book, Kingdom of Children, pointing out point out major flaws in the book. The further suggest it is important to not be not taken in by misinformation that could lead us to undermine our freedoms rather than maintaining them.

It's Only Natural - by Barbara Theisen
Walking below the verdant canopy of a tropical rainforest.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
Kids love mysteries, and there are plenty out there to be solved!

My Word! - by David H. Albert
Public school prepare the next generation of Wal-Mart clerks.

On the Web - by Ann Zeise
Our new columnist walks reader through setting up a Web-based newsgroup

Unschooling - by Sandra Dodd
Are the times tables just a Kings X from the Math Monster?

Grown Homeschoolers - by Peter Kowalke
Peter mourns the loss of GWS.

Publishers Notes - by Helen Hegener
Helen Hegener shares her thoughts on how homeschooling helps families hold the center, by encouraging families to simply spend time together.

The Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson
The Day the Music Paused
Yet another reason to be grateful for the homeschooling lifestyle.

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