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We are proud of defending the 1st amendment and standing up to a frivolous lawsuit, however, this civil liberties exercise temporarily ground HEM to a halt, we are coming back strong with the May-June/12 issue.

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HEM September-October/01

Table of Contents HEM September-October 2001


Homeschooling on the Move - by Janienne Jennrich
Jan Jennrich tells about how she and her family turned a move to a new state into a homeschooling opportunity, and what they did to settle into their new community.

Homeschool Camp Leaves a Lifetime Impression - by Sherry Boas
Sherry Boas describes her children's very rewarding camping experience - a camp offered three times a year just for homeschoolers, and lists other homeschool camps around the country.

Dots - by Stephanie Currier
Stephanie Currier muses on how often dots popped up in her family's activities, once she started to notice, and considers, in the process, how thoughts inevitably breed more thoughts.

No Parrots Here - by Laura Weldon
With candor and humor, Laura Weldon laments that her children have rejected her pet passions, but rejoices that they are growing up to be their own unique and wonderful people.

Learning Lingo and Juggling Jargon - by Sylvia D Cox
Sylvia D. Cox describes the rewards, the fun, and the humor her homeschool family has found while learning to speak Italian - in Italy!

Car Schooling - by Liz Ahmann
Liz Ahmann shares her amusing description of all the ways her mini-van is used for carschooling, as she wonders whether there is justification for continuing to pay her mortgage.

A Gift of Time - by Sue Smith Heavenrich
Sue Smith-Heavenrich examines gifts of time in homeschooling, like the gift to grow up unhurried, or the gift of time to explore the world, or the gift of time to make messes.

Defenders of Freedom Constrained; Military Homeschoolers Overseas - by Valerie Bonham Moon
Valeri Moon reviews the military's steps concerning homeschoolers overseas.


Ask Carol - by Carol Narigon
The End and the Beginning of Homeschooling
The perennial cry of the homeschooling parent: "My kid doesn't do those amazing things other homeschooled kids do! What's wrong with me?" Also: the basics of getting started.

Questions and Answers - by Laura Weldon
Single and Working Parents, Remediating a former School Student
Laura Weldon shares answers from our readers to questions about how single and working parents mangae homeschooling and how to help your child integrate into homeschooling after years in public school.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
HSLDA's "History" Erodes the Foundations of Our Freedom
The Kaseman's outline how our homeschooling freedoms rest on very solid foundations and demonstrate how these foundations have been and continue to be eroded by the writings and actions of the Home School Legal Defense Association

It's Only Natural - by Barbara Theisen
A Miraculous Metamorphosis
Transformation is an awe-inspiring thing to witness: one family's journey as butterfly ranchers.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
A look at some of the resources out there to help you with those memorization goals.

My Word! - by David H. Albert
David and the Beanstalk: What Really Supports Us
A tiny beanstalk's lesson has stayed in David Albert's memory for decades, and encourages growth of an entirely different kind.

Grown Homeschoolers - by Peter Kowalke
Joining the Band Wagon
Nate Bellon needs to make music. Homeschooling has allowed him to explore a career within his passion.

The Road Less Traveled - by Linda Dobson
Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Children That They Didn't Already Have
More and more people are determined to pay attention to that little man behind the curtain.

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