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HEM January-February/99

Table of Contents HEM January-February 1999


The Fabric of Home Education - by Kathy E Waldorf
As I go into my bedroom to make my bed (I have to remove three children pretending they are panthers), I field dozens of questions about bobcats, panthers and mountain lions, some of which I cannot answer.

And Baby Makes Trouble? - by Cindy Gaddis
How do you homeschool with toddlers under tow? Toddlers take so much time and energy, where does homeschooling fit in? My toddler is into everything including the kitchen sink, how can I homeschool my older children with him right in the middle of it?

Oh, The Places We'll Go - by Barbara Theisen
...I traveled to the dusty roads of Morocco where on the back of a horse named Sham I flew like the "King of the Wind." Then I was transformed back to the Wisconsin northwoods and deep in adventure with Caddie Woodlawn.

"Sharpening Young Minds" - by Linda Tapsell
Children think in ways that are very different from adults. They may ask how a thing began, why the moon follows them around or, where the sun goes after it has gone down? Children's thinking is an attempt to make sense of the things around them. While adults analyzing an event use logical and scientific processes, immature thought believes that objects and forces are alive.

So What About That Free Lunch? - by Peggy Daly Masternak
In as much as we continue to encounter a consistently-demonstrated lack of compliance by the schools, I take tremendous exception to the "great chance" proffered in any discussion of sharing school services or using alternative

The Once and Future Homeschooler - by Suzanne L Chiasson
Homeschooling again after a three-year break for public school.

Bird Passions - by Natalie Mortensen
"It's a wood duck!" Tristan shouts. "Tristan, quick, does it have a green head?" "Nope. Black head with a white stripe, white dot behind the eye." "Then it's a harlequin duck! See?" Kellen, eyes shining, stabs the picture in the book.

Connecting with Nature in Winter - by David Benson
I love the winter; nothing pulls me out of a dark mood better than snow falling. It lights me up inside and scours out the mental chaff, but to really get the most out of it requires a little initiative. You have to plan a bit, do the work of dressing up and getting out there, and push past the conventional feelings about whether or not you're supposed to be enjoying it.

The Self-Supporting Homeschooler, Part II: Three Years Later - by Theresa Willingham
I felt a mild sense of resentment when evaluation time rolled around. Our teacher friend, whom I had always felt comfortable with, primarily because she had nothing to do with homeschooling, suddenly smacked of the "system."

Interview With Marty Layne - by Helen Hegener
An interview with Marty Layne, author of Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling


Sunny Side Up - by Shannon D Vale
Days of Yesteryear
It's not like I could skip a page here or there, not with Sean who knew every word and every comma in the book. Eight straight weeks of that and I was ready to write to Dr. Seuss' publisher and suggest they buy the Cat in the Hat a tub-sized bottle of spot remover and be done with the thing.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
"Homeschooling" In Public Schools: A Dangerous Oxymoron
Because of their high visibility and their willingness to follow conventional practices, families enrolled in programs for non-public students threaten to become the standard by which homeschooling is understood by the general public and regulated by the government.

News Watch - by Linda Dobson
At-Home Programs, Universities, Japan
News about homeschooling from the United States and abroad.

Homeschooling Books - by Lillian Jones
The Homeschool Reader
Mark and Helen Hegener chose 50 articles, by over 30 writers, from a decade of Home Education Magazine, for The Homeschool Reader.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
To Dissect Or Not To Dissect
Reviews of materials for science - especially dissecting; also math, spelling, history, US Constitution, space, astronomy

So Many Books - by Joan Torkildson
Reviews of Silly Celebrations; Making Books That Fly; The Cobble Street Cousins; The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook

Notes From a Homeschooling Dad - by Jeff Kelety
New Year's Ramblings
I homeschool because I like to be with my kids. Why should the government get all the fun? It was as simple as that, really.

Older Kids - by Cafi Cohen
Decompression FAQ
During decompression parents and children detoxify from the deleterious effects of full-time institutional education.

The Homeschooler In College - by Peter Kowalke
The Swiss Army Knife of Education
The mildly painful truth is that I don't trust unschooling enough to forego college. After twelve school-age years at home as an unschooler, I'm still not maverick enough to rebuke the giant social construct that is institutionalized education.

Unschooling - by Sandra Dodd
How Elvis Appears to Unschoolers
Where did Elvis Presley come from? What was the deal with black music in those days? What was new that benefitted Elvis' career? Part of what this sort of exploration takes is the willingness to let go of an "outline" or of a hope that you will find something, an ability to go with what you do find.

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