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HEM November-December/98

Table of Contents HEM November-December 1998


Keeping Current - by Tamra Orr
The news doesn't have to be boring. A Current Events Journal can help.

Travis the Travelling Bear - by Julie Hart
Travis takes a dream vacation!

Foreign Language Study Options - by Kathleen Petrella
Kathleen Petrella explores the variety of foreign language study options available to homeschoolers.

I Am An Unschooled Adult - by Susanna Wesley
Susanna Wesley looks at how the 'school of life' has served her very well.

Are You a Genius? - by Gina Rozon
Geius is an exceedingly common human quality. Gina Rozon considers developing talents into genius.

Welcome to the Sisterhood - by Amy Hollingsworth
Amy Hollingsworth looks at the a diverse group of homeschoolers and finds the overwhelming majority of homeschoolers to be a compassionate, encouraging, and inspirational people.

A Family Book Club for Readers and Non-Readers - by Melinda Roth
A family book club can spark interesting adventures and help you through those gray winter days.

Written and Illustrated by: YOU! - by Lucinda Hedrick Kennaley
Make your own books.

Compulsory Unschooling? - by Janet Lowry
Janet considers how to handle a child who dereams of going to school.


Sunny Side Up - by Shannon D Vale
Welcome Home, Dad!
Dad has quit the rat race and is now homeschooling full time.

Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
Responding to Requests from Officials for Our Homeschooling Records
The Kaseman's discuss the implications of record keeping.

News Watch - by Linda Dobson
Government School Programs, Curfews, Changing Tests
News Watch items: Government School Programs, Curfews, Changing Tests

Homeschooling Books - by Lillian Jones
The Homeschool Source Book
In this issue Lillian reviews The Homeschool Source Book

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
Classical Mythology: Gods, Monsters, and a Big Wooden Horse
Resource Reviews: Bosworth, Algebra Survival Kit, Cicada, Click, Fossil, Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science, Courtisans of Versailles

So Many Books - by Joan Torkildson
Children's book reviews: Look-Alikes, Walter Wick's Optical Tricks , My Name is America , Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl , Home: A Journey Through America , We Both Read

Notes From a Homeschooling Dad - by Jeff Kelety
A Cabin, a Stove and Two Sails
Essence precedes form and name precedes essence. Jeff looks at how this applies to his kids, his boats and his family's unschooling.

Older Kids - by Cafi Cohen
Indepent Study and Umbrella Schools
Is an Independent Study Program or Umbrella School for you? Cafi offers some thoughts on the subject.

The Homeschooler In College - by Peter Kowalke
Summer Employment: Year One
Peter's discusses the ins and outs of summer employment.

Unschooling - by Sandra Dodd
Textbooks For Unschoolers Or Triviality
Don't let a schoolish sense of 'books' limit the resources you use in your homeschooling.

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