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HEM September-October/97

Table of Contents HEM September-October 1997


Optimizing Our Homes for Literacy - by Mark Thogmartin
Developing early readers by providing an atmosphere conducive to a love of literature.

Learning To Read - by Christine Lozano
The writer explains how her children learned to read, what worked, what didn't, and what reading has meant for her family.

Interview With Linda Dobson - by Helen Hegener
An interview with Linda Dobson, author of "The Art of Education," exploring her families' approach to learning, her experiences as an author and popular conference speaker, and her thoughts on issues in education such as Goals 2000, School-to-Work programs, and certification of students.

Where Do You Want the Sandbox? - by Lisa Hodge Kander
The writer explores the question of socialization, beginning with providing an inviting sandbox for the local toddlers, and progressing to providing a place for teens to hang out with their friends.

Failing Home School - by Muffler Dean
The writer explores how his family moved from a somewhat rigid, grade-based approach to homeschooling, to a more relaxed approach: "Like a Jekyll-Hyde potion, grades were turning us all into monsters."

Experienced Voices -
Words of support and encouragement from some of homeschooling's most respected people: Earl Gary Stevens, Dr. Pat Montgomery, Lillian Jones, Linda Dobson, Janie Levine Hellyer, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore, Ann Lahrson Fisher, Sandra Dodd, and Mary A. Griffith

Sharing Shakespeare With Your Child - by Nancy E Wright
An excellent primer on sharing Shakespeare with your children: Suggestions for books, plays, videos, and other resources; Ideas, activities, and tips for parents to share.

Helping Your Kids Get It All Together - by Mary Marsh
The writer shares her thoughts on what resources and supplies have proven helpful to her family's homeschooling: file boxes, binders, calendars, planbooks, desks, and much more.


Taking Charge - by Larry & Susan Kaseman
Survey and Lobbyists Cause Problems for Homeschoolers
An in-depth exploration of the problems presented by the HSLDA-sponsored survey of homeschooling families, conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute.

News Watch - by Linda Dobson
Japan, Music, Big Business
Linda Dobson examines the news stories for Sept/Oct, 1997: Homeschooling problems in Japan, Big Business discovers homeschooling, curfews in California, and more.

Good Stuff - by Becky Rupp
A Birthday a Day
Becky Rupp discusses how to develop an "ordered core," which is an organizing principle around which to build an effective curriculum. Also reviews of E.D. Hirsch's "What Your First Grader Needs to Know" (and others in the series),"A Birthday a Day" collection of biographies, Make your own dinosaur out of chicken bones, Language NOW!, The Math Chef, on learning math in the kitchen, and more.

So Many Books - by Joan Torkildson
Reviews of childrens' books: Meet Josefina, Super Science Concoctions, Internet Family Fun, Colors/Les Couleurs, One Grain of Rice

Homeschooling Online - by Helen Hegener
News, information and resources from the Internet

Movie reviews - by Joanna Payne
Alaska, Zeus and Roxanne, The Flintstones
Movie reviews: Alaska, Zeus and Roxanne, The Flintstones

Older Kids - by Cafi Cohen
Dealing With Doubts
Cafi Cohen answers a letter from a reader concerned about their relaxed approach to homeschooling; includes Cafi's eclectic curriculum for her daughter, age 13, and a calendar listing of her 15-year-old son's activities.

Reflections - by Kathleen Creech
A Hole Education
Kathleen's childhood memories of digging a hole to China with her friend, and what happened when their teacher told her that wasn't the way to get there.

Talk About Learning - by Earl Gary Stevens
This Internet Thing
Earl Gary Stevens shares his thoughts on the Internet as a learning tool: "Once all the recorded knowledge of humankind was laboriously printed by hand and kept under lock and key in monasteries and universities; now the libraries of the world are available at the click of a mouse."

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